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Marketing is integral to the success of any business.  And the system I’ve developed, which I call “Silver Bullet Marketing”, has helped businesses in virtually any category improve their results. 

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What is drivor?

Anthony Sakovich

WeCraft DSC

DRIVOR™, an Online Marketing Platform,  available exclusively from, is designed for business people to find customers. It wasn’t designed by research scientists to provide information to other scientists. That’s twenty year old technology, and its time has come and gone. So if you’re tired of spinning your wheels, spending your money, and seeing very little in return, then maybe it’s time you created the online marketing platform you always thought you should have. It’s time to get rid of the website, and update to a DRIVOR™ Online Marketing Platform.



$ 600
Base Build
  • Online Marketing Platform
  • Complete SIte Build
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email Integration
  • DRIVOR Training


$ 9000
for 6 months
  • Four 45 minute sessions
  • Business Analysis
  • Silver Bullet Marketing
  • Goal Setting
  • Applied Axiomics


$ 497
/ Yearly
  • Group Support
  • DIY Platform Construction
  • Take charge of your website
  • Marketing Tips and Insights
  • Expert Guidance

Who is Anthony?

I am an inventor and independent researcher with multiple patents, peer reviewed papers, and journal articles to my name. But what matters is whether I can bring all this to bear on your challenges, and I believe the answer to that is, "Yes".

Performance Coaching

How we succeed is directly tied to how we view the world. That world view is shaped from the moment we first open our eyes and hear the sounds of our environment. We can't undo what we learned, but we can use certain methods to learn new lessons... ones that don't repeatedly sabotage the success and happiness you deserve.

Management Coaching

Having a “Strategy Coach” sounds like the kind of thing you can brag to your friends about over a round of golf, but really, what I do is a whole lot more than just help you develop a winning strategy. From marketing to management, and from finance to patents, we can create a plan to move your business to the next level.

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